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The Southern Nevada and Northern Arizona Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

LSAMP is a nationally recognized 程序 that supports underrepresented minority student participation in areas of 科学、技术、工程和数学.

Are you interested in learning about and gaining more skills in STEM? There is an abundance of high-paying career opportunities in STEM and a shortage of trained people in these fields. Particularly, minority individuals are the least represented. SNNA-LSAMP是 国家科学基金会 grant-funded 程序 that provides free services to students that identify as a minority and are interested in, 或者正在努力, STEM学位. CCC students can take advantage of the many benefits of the 程序 from the time they sign up until the time they graduate or transfer.

The LSAMP Program at 威尼斯安卓版 and the College of Southern Nevada both partner with Northern Arizona University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas in order to encourage our students to pursue a higher degree in STEM upon completion of their 程序 with us.   

计划的好处 资格要求
  • stem相关活动和实地考察
  • 师从北大学长
  • One-on-one Academic support (connection to student services offered on campus)
  • 推荐奖学金和研究机会
  • LSAMP学者的研究机会
  • Official Certificate of Participation upon completion of the 程序 each academic year
  • 成为STEM学术社区的一员
  • LSAMP学生将获得1美元,000 every year for up to two years while attending CCC through the Transfer Transition Success Program (TTSP)
  • Identify with one of the following ethnic groups: African American, 西班牙裔美国人, 美国印第安人, 阿拉斯加土著, 本土的夏威夷, 太平洋岛民
  • Currently obtaining an Associate of Science degree at CCC in an 批准的STEM领域 程序.
  • 成为正式的CCC学生
  • 必须保持2.5平均绩点


 成为CCC LSAMP学者-现在申请!

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The LSAMP Program is a nationwide initiative dedicated to Louis Stokes (1925 – 2015), who was the first African American to become elected for the U.S. House of Representatives and served 30 years as the Ohio Congressman. 二战期间,斯托克斯在一个隔离部队服役, following his high school graduation and went on to earn a law degree and become an attorney. Stokes was also elected as a member of the House of Appropriations Committee. He showed strong support for many bills that were intended to assist disadvantaged populations. In 2007, a Louis Stokes Museum in Cleveland, OH was opened in his honor.

The Southern Nevada Northern Arizona (SNNA) LSAMP Program was founded in 2017 and is funded by the NSF LSAMP grant HRD1712523, 作为全国众多LSAMP联盟的补充. SNNA-LSAMP's goal is to substantially increase the number of STEM baccalaureate degrees earned at alliance institutions by students from historically underrepresented populations. 

欲了解更多有关资助的信息,请访问  LSAMP国家科学基金会页面 .




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